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Car Stops

Car wheel stop manufacturer, APC Wheel Stops, manufacture car wheel stops in Southern California. We service Paving Contractors, Parking Maintenance Companies, Developers, and Government Facilities Nationwide. Our technology allows us to manufacture quality concrete wheel stops at 4000 PSI in 28 days.
Concrete Car Wheel Stops
Car Wheel Stop
Our concrete car wheel stops are inspected thoroughly for quality control in order to ensure the best for our customers!
Car Wheel Stops Specifications


APC Inc. provides high quality car wheel stops, sometimes referred to as car parking blocks, that are made from the finest materials. Our car wheel stops are made out of concrete – which means you will never have to worry about its sturdiness. Unlike rubber and plastic car stops, a concrete car wheel stop won’t break.


We service Paving Contractors, Parking Maintenance Companies, Developers, and Government Facilities nationwide. If you have an independent business or your very own parking space at home (or outside your office), you can give us a call so that we can give you the right deal!


APC Inc. has an advanced technology which allows us to manufacture quality concrete car wheel stops at 4000 PSI in 28 days. This means that you don’t have to worry about supplies running out! We always make sure that our concrete car wheel stops are available for clients, no matter how large the quantity needed is. Aside from our top notch technology, our concrete wheel stops are also inspected thoroughly for quality control. APC Inc. will never compromise the quality of our products – which is why quality control is one of our top priorities. We want everyone to have an amazing experience when transacting with us.


If you’ve made up your mind and you’re ready to purchase some car wheel stops then contact us here. APC Inc. will serve you as fast as we can!


Using Car Wheel Stops


What is one item that drivers encounter on a daily basis, but rarely, if ever, consider? Well, the next time you pull into most parking lots around your city, you will usually pull up to concrete car stops. These are the seven foot concrete slabs designed to act as car stoppers. They function to ensure that vehicles do not accidentally overdrive the parking space, causing a collision. At parking speeds, a car wheel stop is usually all it takes to bring a vehicle to a halt, or at the very least, cause a driver to apply the brakes.


For business owners, the purchase of concrete car stops is invaluable. Potential damage to property will never outweigh the relatively minimal cost of purchasing these car chocks. Usually, wheel stops for cars vary in price. If one purchases car chocks for personal or home use, for tasks such as chocking a wheel before changing a tire, for example, such items are usually available for less than 50 dollars.


Car Chocks


Having car chocks for personal use can be an important purchase. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are required to change a tire, car wheel stops are absolutely necessary to ensure that the vehicle does not accidentally slip off the car jack, causing damage to the car and serious, or even fatal, injuries.


Wheel Stops For Cars


For commercial purposes, concrete car stops can usually be obtained for under 100 dollars. This will most likely include the cost of installation. Car wheel stops must be bolted to the ground. Bolting them is the only way to ensure that a vehicle will not push the car stopper if it fails to come to a complete stop. In addition, if you are replacing cracked or otherwise damaged car stops, vendors will usually agree to remove and dispose of the old ones. Shop around for retailers who are willing to perform this service for no more than the price of the wheel stops for the cars.


Car Stoppers


These car stoppers will generally last for several years, even in the most severe of weather conditions, before needing to be repaired. In order to keep the car chocks in the best possible condition, giving them the longest life, it is also possible to purchase a concrete protector. This will help the concrete to resist the elements for as long as possible. However, if you notice large cracks, or if pieces of the car chock are crumbling, those are definitely signs that a replacement is needed.


If car stoppers are in disrepair, and are not quickly exchanged for new ones, this can pose a danger for all vehicles parking in the area. While concrete cars stops are tapered to protect tires, if they are falling apart, the concrete pieces can easily cause severe damage to the rubber tires. In this instance, the owner of the particular lot may be held accountable for failing to ensure a safe and usable property. Look for signs of damage and determine when to purchase new car wheel stops.


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