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Truck Stops

Truck Stops
Our Industrial Size Truck Wheel Stops are made in our Southern California facilities, Servicing many Transportation Companies, Paving Contractors and Government Facilities. Our Industrial Sized Truck Stops come in 4 different sizes to fit the needs of our clientele. Call us to discuss your projects today!
Concrete Truck Wheel Stops
Concrete Truck Wheel Stop

  • 4000 PSI at 28 Days
  • Reinforced with Four #4 Rebars
  • Convenient Slots at the Bottom for Forklifts
  • Strong, Durable and Easy to Install
Truck Wheel Stops Specifications

In addition to car wheel stops, APC Inc. also provides truck wheel stops, or truck parking blocks. Of course, it is quite obvious that a truck is much larger than a car. This means that a regular wheel stop won’t be enough to contain a truck.


This is where the truck wheel stops come in. Just like our other wheel stop products, our truck stops are manufactured in our Southern California facilities. Our industrial size truck wheel stops have made its way in various parts of the United States. We have serviced many transportation companies, paving contractors, and Government facilities.


APC Inc. has been in the business long enough and we are very confident that our truck wheel stops are just as good as our car wheel stops. Both products are made out of concrete – which is a guarantee that our products are very durable and will last for a very long time. Our truck stops are very sturdy, as you can see in the pictures below, it is large and built for heavy duty.


Our Industrial Sized Truck Wheel Stops come in 4 different sizes to fit the needs of our clients. We can help you pick out exactly what you need. Don’t be shy and never hesitate to give us a call – we are more than happy to assist you with your purchase.


APC Inc. cares for our clients – so don’t hesitate to contact us here or give us a call for any inquiries you may have.


Wheel Stops For Trucks


While most drivers are familiar with pulling up to car stops in parking lots, few people realize that these do not properly function for trucks. Due to their larger size, and particularly the larger size of the wheels, concrete truck stops are needed to ensure safety in parking lots. These wheel stops for trucks are used in parking situations to ensure that the driver does not accidentally misjudge the parking distance and drive beyond the designated area. Drivers are particularly vulnerable while driving large vehicles in tight spaces. Such spaces often limit driver visibility, leading to accidents which are otherwise avoidable. Parking accidents are common, and these truck wheel stops are the perfect solution to these problems.


Truck Chocks


Owners of parking lots which expect regular or frequent trucks are encouraged to purchase these truck chocks. They have become standard items in almost all areas designated for truck parking. As they are specifically designed for trucks, one will notice a marked difference in sizes. The usual size for wheel stops for cars is approximately seven feet. This size is standard because of the relative size of the vehicles expected in that particular parking space. However, an appropriate size for truck parking blocks is between eight and ten feet. This length is meant to accommodate the greater width of the truck. Typically, truck stoppers will also be built higher to avoid the possibility of having the wheels drive over the truck chocks. Further, the edges of the truck parking blocks will most often be slanted or tapered. This is done to avoid tire damage which would otherwise occur if a tire collided with a sharply squared object.


Truck Stoppers


Due to the fact that these truck stoppers are nearly always made of concrete, they are quite durable, and will typically last for a number of years before replacement is required. However, harsh weather conditions can quicken the longevity of the truck parking blocks, causing cracks which lead to pieces crumbling. In colder climates, especially in freezing temperatures, concrete can become damaged. When cracking begins, it is wise to consider speedy replacement. Vendors usually have services available to remove and dispose of old truck chocks and anchor the new ones in place.


Concrete truck stops do vary in price depending on the length and height of the product. In most cases, vendors sell these items for around 100 a piece. For large lots, it is likely that purchasing large quantities will lead to a high-volume discount being offered. Ideally, there should be a truck chock for each and every parking space in a lot.


Truck Parking Blocks


A lot without truck wheel stops is hazardous to property and people. Although seemingly simple items, they can prevent a great deal of unnecessary expenses due to drivers not stopping accurately. Truck drivers can also purchase portable plastic truck chocks for use in emergency situations, including times a truck is parked in a precarious position and needs to avoid slipping. In cases such as these, the portable truck chock can be placed in front or behind the wheels to provide maximum safety.