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Downey Wheel Stops

The Right Place to Park:  A Look at the City of Downey and the Local Businesses Responsible for Creating Parking Stops


It is often said that nowadays, nothing is created in the United States.  For the most part, this is true.  However, there are a few companies right here local to Downey, California that produces things we see every day but take completely for granted.


The Wheel Stop


What is a wheel stop you may ask?  A wheel stop, or parking stops are long and narrow cement dividers that are at the ends of many parking spots.  Their purpose is to provide a place for cars to stop when pulling into a spot.  In addition, they are used to divide open areas, creating channels for traffic in parking lots.


Created Right Here


There are a number of local companies that service the Downey area for wheel stops.  The single largest provider is APC wheel stops, with a factory located north on Route Sixty from Downey in El Monte.  Located at 2246 N Durfee Ave El Monte, American Precast Concrete (APC) offers a number of different parking stops variations, including extra tall, wide, and reinforced.  In addition, APC offers delivery to the city of Downey.


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