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Los Angeles Wheel Stops

Los Angeles Wheel Stops


Los Angeles and It’s Unknown 1st Place Record


Unlike many other cities in the United States, Los Angeles came into its peak along with the car.  This dramatically changed the layout of the city, and is in no small part why the traffic is so terrible!  Los Angeles has one of the most densely populated sprawls around its city.  All of this combines to create a unique 1st place for Los Angeles.  Los Angeles has the highest percentage of wheel stops to people in the entire United States.


What are Wheel Stops?


Wheel stops, or parking stops are frequently located in parking lots, and act as a stopping point for anyone trying to park.  They are made primarily made of concrete, reinforced with steel, and grounded to prevent moving.


So Why is Los Angeles in First Place?


Los Angeles is unique in that it has a population density that still supports massive parking lots, and hence massive numbers of these parking stops.  When combined with a history of city development that was heavily influenced by transportation, as well as the great deal of room in which to build, Los Angeles is the perfect storm and hence comes out on top.


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