About American Precast Concrete, Inc.

American Precast Concrete, Inc.’s mission is to provide outstanding service to our customers and continue building long lasting relationships. We are proud to provide great customer service, quick estimates and quality products.

Our line of wheelstops provides durable concrete protection from automobiles and heavy industrial vehicles. We provide parking products for paving and parking companies, developers, building suppliers and government agencies.

We have been manufacturing concrete wheelstops since 1978 by Pierre’s Precast Concrete. We have continued using the same excellent engineering to produce high quality products!

When it comes to wheel stops, there’s no better choice than going for the proven and ever reliable APC Wheel Stops.


American Precast Concrete Inc. (APC) is based in Southern California. We have been supplying high quality wheel stop products all over Southern California (and other parts of the US) for a long time. If this is the first time you’ve heard of us and you are in need of wheel stops – then look no further because you found your wheel stop supplier!


Wheel stops or also known as parking stops, or parking blocks and wheel stoppers, are becoming more and more in demand these days. It helps control vehicles when parking. There are plenty of cases wherein a vehicle is unable to park properly and ends up damaging the vehicle or other objects in the vicinity. In order to prevent this from happening, you should consider leaning on us to provide you with top quality wheel stops, curbing, parking bumpers, and parking barriers.


Parking lots will always be in need of wheel stops – parking lots without wheel stops have accident tendencies. It cannot be emphasized enough that wheel stops are not merely accessories in parking lots – it is now a necessity.


Concrete Wheel Stops

APC has been producing top-tier wheel stop products for years. Trusted by various companies and individuals – APC Wheel Stops has proven that it isn’t only effective, but also affordable and trusted.


We offer various kinds of wheel stops, ranging from parking stops, car wheel stops, and even truck wheel stops. Our wheel stops are 100% concrete. It is made from the finest and toughest material so you will never have to worry about how it’s going to hold up.


APC Wheel Stops come in various shapes, lengths, and sizes. But as mentioned above, we only offer concrete wheel stops; the sturdiest and best of its kind. Rubber and plastic are not as tough as concrete (obviously) which makes it a lesser option when it comes to wheel stops. APC only offers the best and the most reliable kind of wheel stops which is why we focus solely on concrete ones.


Parking Stoppers

Drivers seldom think about the concrete wheel stops that they pull up to nearly every time they are parking their cars. However, wheel stoppers are used in almost every parking lot. These parking lot stoppers are specially designed to ensure that if a driver fails to park properly, and accidentally over-shoots the designated space, that the stoppers will be in place to prevent collision. Bumping into parking stoppers alerts the drivers that they need to quickly apply the brakes. However, at such low speeds, the car will generally come to a complete stop.


Parking Lot Stops

Most businesses with parking lots, including commercial parking lots themselves, usually opt to purchase these garage wheel stops. The low cost of these items is a vastly preferable price to pay than having to pay for vehicle or property damage as a result of a parking collision. Precast concrete wheel stops are usually less than 100 dollars to purchase. Purchasing in higher volumes usually means more savings.

Some drivers have chosen to purchase portable or plastic parking stoppers for their own driveways, garages, or in the case of chocking the wheels before changing tires. Chocking car wheel is important to prevent the car falling from the car jack and risking the life of the individual changing the tire. A wheel stopper is an easy preventative measure.


Wheel Stoppers

When purchasing garage wheel stops, in addition to the item itself, many vendors advertise the fact that they will install the new parking stoppers and remove and dispose of the old ones at the same price. Proper installation is extremely important. Precast concrete wheel stops need to be anchored properly to the ground. If they are not properly bolted, a car’s tires can shift the parking stoppers out of place.


Precast Concrete Wheel Stops

Wheel stops, because of the materials used in their constriction, are very durable. However, because they are usually left outdoors, they are susceptible to the elements. Extremes in weather cause the concrete to crack and eventually crumble. Further, precipitation causes the metal anchors to rust and become unfastened. Regardless of weather, garage wheel stops should last a number of years before replacement becomes a concern.


Look for tell-tale signs of premature aging in the concrete, like small cracks or crumbling portions. Although there is little to be done after the fact, you can prepare the parking stoppers beforehand by applying a concrete conditioner, which enables the material to better handle rain, ice, snow, cold, and heat. Ideally, this process should be completed either right after installation, or come equipped with this conditioner.


Garage Wheel Stops

Damaged garage wheel stops do need to be promptly replaced as they can become hazardous to parking vehicles. Typically, the tapered edges are designed to avoid tire damage, but if they are crumbling, the jagged edges can pierce the rubber of the tire. This may make the owner of the garage liable for damages to the vehicles due to what will be seen as negligence on the part of the owner. Always inspect parking stoppers to make sure they are in working order.