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Our Clients’ Feedback:

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    ​“Dryco construction has used American Precast for the last few years and we have been very happy with their service!  They are a top-notch supplier; we receive quotes in a timely manner, order turn-around is quick, and we get great coordination for deliveries.  They are also our preferred resource for some of the custom concrete items we need.  Jessica is very helpful when going through the details of what we need to make sure design requirements can be met.  We greatly appreciate the high standards of service and quality products provided by American Precast.”​

    Kate, Dryco Construction
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    ​”I’m very pleased with the services provided by American Precast . Priced reasonably and their services are real good. Jessica Flores and all the staff I interacted with were kind and intent on making sure I was receiving the product and services I expected.”
    Eleazar, Chrisp Company
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About American Precast Concrete, Inc.

Our line of precast concrete wheel stops provides durable concrete protection from automobiles and heavy industrial vehicles. We offer parking products for paving and parking companies, developers, building suppliers, and government agencies.

Since 1978, Pierre’s Precast Concrete has been manufacturing high-quality precast concrete car stops. Utilizing the same excellent engineering, we ensure our products maintain superior standards.

When it comes to parking curbs and concrete car bumpers, there’s no better choice than the proven and ever-reliable APC Wheel Stops.

American Precast Concrete Inc. (APC) is based in Southern California. We have been supplying high-quality precast concrete wheel stop products throughout Southern California and other parts of the US for a long time. If this is the first time you’ve heard of us and you are in need of concrete car stops – look no further because you’ve found your ideal wheel stop supplier!

Want to stop accidents in your garage or parking lot? Seeing damage to your parking structures, signs or walls?

From precast concrete car stops to precast concrete wheel stops and everything in between—American Precast has you covered. Our range of products includes parking curbs and concrete car bumpers designed to protect your infrastructure from vehicle damage. Trust APC for durable and reliable concrete car stops.

Since 1978 we have been providing clients with top-rated customer service and long-lasting, quality products.

Our selection of precast concrete car stops, parking blocks, and precast concrete wheel stops features customized and pre-made concrete for a number of applications. Whether you need parking curbs, concrete car bumpers, or other forms of concrete car stops, we provide durable solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Our line of precast concrete car stops and precast concrete wheel stops provides durable concrete protection from automobiles and heavy industrial vehicles.

APC has been producing top-tier precast concrete wheel stops for years. Trusted by various companies and individuals, APC Wheel Stops have proven to be not only effective but also affordable and reliable. We offer various kinds of wheel stops, ranging from parking curbs and concrete car stops to truck wheel stops. Our wheel stops are 100% concrete, made from the finest and toughest materials, so you will never have to worry about their durability.

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