• Unique vibration settling method
  • Even base for epoxy applications
  • Steel rebar support ties
  • Simple to set anchor pin holes
  • Commercial parking lot wheel bumpers in various sizes
  • Industrial truck wheel stoppers that work for even the biggest 18-wheeler
  • Cylinder examined to a psi of 3000 at 7 days and then to a psi of 4000 at 28 days
Model Description A – Length B – Width C – Height Weight Reinforcements
CB04 Car Wheel Stop 4′ 4′ Feet 7.5 inches 5.25 inches tall 105 lbs. Two #3 Rebar Tied – Two #5 Pins
CB06 Car Wheel Stop 6′ 6′ Feet 7.5 inches 5.25 inches tall 165 lbs. Two #3 Rebar Tied – Two #5 Pins
CB08 Car Wheel Stop 8′ 8′ Feet 7.5 inches 5.25 inches tall 210 lbs. Two #4 Rebar Tied – Two #5 Pins

Concrete Parking Bumpers. Garage Wheel Stops. Precast Concrete Curbs.

Prevent vehicles from scratching buildings or accidentally parking on sidewalks with our selection of heavy-duty and cost-efficient wheel stops. Car stops serve as protective obstacles for your street curbs or parking blocks for your customers. Guiding drivers to stay within a designated parking spot using our precast concrete wheel stops makes the parking area safer, both for other cars and people.

If you own a business, church, school, or any other establishment with a parking lot, our wheel stops will help you protect all the structures in the parking lot. Signs, light poles, other cars, or shopping carts can all be kept secure with concrete parking stops. If you have sidewalks or structures that are being damaged by poor road design or tight corners, we can help you too. Our wheel stops can be customized to fit every space and any-sized vehicle.

Top Rated Concrete Car Stops and Parking Bumpers

We Only Use Concrete, Never Rubber

The two main material choices for car stops are concrete and rubber. We prefer concrete. It’s heavy. So heavy, in fact, it’s hard to steal. The weight of concrete also keeps blocks from sliding around so they won’t become a tripping hazard. We also secure our concrete parking stops, so that they rarely if ever, come loose.

Durable, Long-Lasting and Affordable

The concrete from American Precast Inc. is the highest quality. The concrete we use is thoroughly tested and can handle up to 4000 psi of pressure after 28 days of cure time. At just seven days they can handle up to 3000 psi, which means they will quickly be ready for you to use.

The tied steel rebar we embed in the concrete using our unique vibration settling technique ensures the car stops can handle cars banging into them without breaking. Our parking stops also resist chipping and cracking and can easily be painted and repainted again and again to keep them looking fresh.

Car Wheel Stop Installation in California

American Precast Concrete wheel stops can be installed by drilling steel rebar pins into the asphalt, or by applying a durable two-part epoxy for surfaces that can’t be drilled into, like in a parking garage. Our curb stops can be used with many different curb configurations. We also offer numerous sizes and shapes to fit every need including car stops for commercial parking lots, and even truck stops to control large 18-wheelers.

Regardless of your project size and scope, we can handle the manufacturing, shipping, and install making a hassle-free process for you.

Work With Dedicated Concrete Professionals

At American Precast Inc., we are dedicated to making sure you are satisfied with our products. We guarantee exceptional customer service and will accommodate your orders in a timely fashion. We are easily reachable, so you don’t have to worry about waiting on the phone for hours. Likewise, our products are always in stock, so you don’t have to wait for months to get your orders filled.

Our car stops are manufactured in our Southern California facilities so that we can ensure quality control. We can do in-house quality testing and oversight, instead of depending on a third party to tell us how things are going. If there are issues, we can quickly respond and investigate to fix the problem.

Looking to get a free estimate? Contact us at (800) 691-7118 or through the form on our website, and we will get back to you ASAP. No matter the size of your customers’ cars, the shape of your garage, or the material your garage is made of, we can help you find wheel stops to fit all of your needs.