Concrete Car Wheel Stops

Concrete Parking Wheel Stops for Cars

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Why Our Wheel Stops?

  • Unique vibration settling technique
  • Smooth base for Epoxy Applications
  • Steel rebar reinforcement ties
  • Easy to set Anchor pin holes
  • Commercial parking bumpers in convenient sizes
  • Industrial truck concrete parking blocks for 18 wheelers
  • Cylinder tested to a minimum PSI of 3000 at 7 days at 4000 PSI at 28 days

Durability of Our Precast Concrete Wheel Stops

Concrete wheel stops or parking bumpers, because of the materials used in their construction, are very durable. However, because they are usually left outdoors, they are susceptible to the elements. Extremes in weather cause the concrete to crack and eventually crumble. Further, precipitation causes the metal anchors to rust and become unfastened. Regardless of weather, garage wheel stops should last a number of years before replacement becomes a concern.

Look for tell-tale signs of premature aging in the concrete, like small cracks or crumbling portions. Although there is little to be done after the fact, you can prepare the parking stoppers beforehand by applying a concrete conditioner, which enables the material to better handle rain, ice, snow, cold, and heat. Ideally, this process should be completed either right after installation, or come equipped with this conditioner.

Parking Lot Concrete Stops and Garage Wheel Stops

How Parking Lot Concrete Stops Prevent Damage

Most businesses with parking lots, including commercial parking lots themselves, usually opt to purchase these garage curb stops. The low cost of these items is a vastly preferable price to pay than having to pay for vehicle or property damage as a result of a parking collision. A precast concrete parking block is usually less than 100 dollars to purchase. Purchasing in higher volumes usually means more savings.

Some drivers have chosen to purchase portable or plastic parking stoppers for their own driveways, garages, or in the case of chocking the wheels before changing tires. Chocking car wheel is important to prevent the car falling from the car jack and risking the life of the individual changing the tire. A car parking wheel stop is an easy preventative measure.

Stops Prevent Damage

Inspecting Garage Wheel Stops

Due to the fact that these truck stoppers are nearly always made of concrete, they are quite durable, and will typically last for a number of years before replacement is required. However, harsh weather conditions can quicken the longevity of the truck parking blocks, causing cracks which lead to pieces crumbling. In colder climates, especially in freezing temperatures, concrete can become damaged.

When cracking begins, it is wise to consider a speedy parking stop replacement for safety.

Vendors usually have services available to remove and dispose of old truck chocks and anchor the new products in place.

Concrete Car Wheel Stop Maintenance

Damaged garage concrete parking stops do need to be promptly replaced as they can become hazardous to parking vehicles. Typically, the tapered edges are designed to avoid tire damage, but if they are crumbling, the jagged edges can pierce the rubber of the tire. This may make the owner of the garage liable for damages to the vehicles due to what will be seen as negligence on the part of the owner. Always inspect parking stoppers to make sure they are in working order for parking lot safety.

Red car on a parking space with concrete parking bumpers

Car Stops Specs

Model Description Length Width Height Weight Reinforcements
CS3 Car Wheel Stop 3′ 3′ Feet 7.75″ Width 5.5″ Height 100 lbs Two #4 Rebar Tied, Two #5 x 10″ pins
CS4 Car Wheel Stop 4′ 4′ Feet 7.75″ Width 5.5″ Height 115 lbs Two #4 Rebar Tied, Two #5 x 10″ pins
CS6 Car Wheel Stop 6′ 6′ Feet 7.75″ Width 5.5″ Height 155 lbs Two #4 Rebar Tied, Two #5 x 10″ pins
CB06 Car Wheel Stop 6’ 6′ Feet 9″ Width 6.5″ Height 275 lbs Two #4 Rebar Tied, Two #5×10″ pins
CB08 Car Wheel Stop 8’ 8′ Feet 7.5″ Width 4″ Height 210 lbs Two #4 Rebar Tied, Two #5×10″ pins

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