Looking to secure an indoor parking garage? At American Precast we got you covered.

Navigating indoor parking lots can be difficult. From maneuvering tight spaces to drivers operating large vehicles, such combinations often result in otherwise avoidable accidents. That is why garage wheel stops are essential to maintaining safe parking garages. They keep drivers from straying from or over their parking spot.

American Precast, Inc., supplies durable, and cost-effective garage wheel stops designed to maximize safety for both parked vehicles and surrounding structures. By helping drivers maneuver parking lots, our garage stops can also prevent damage to personal belongings and interior walls.

Concrete Wheel Stops at American Precast Concrete Inc.

  • High Quality
  • Long-Lasing
  • Durable
  • Cost-Efficient

Professional Precast Concrete Installation

Concrete Wheel Stop Solutions That Withstand Wear and Tear

For decades we have continued to use the same excellent engineering to produce high-quality products for our customers. Our parking stops are, therefore, not only cost-efficient but are also built to last. All our concrete is cylinder tested to a minimum psi of 3000 at seven days and 4000 psi at 28 days.

Every wheel stop has tied steel rebar for reinforcement. We also install the rebar using our unique vibration settling technique to remove any voids in the concrete. This fortification means the wheel stops can handle impacts from large vehicles without chipping or cracking.

At American Precast, we offer two different ways to install our wheel stops depending on the site conditions.

  • The first is using steel rebar pins drilled through the asphalt to secure the wheel stop. This option is best used in sites where drilling into the asphalt is not a concern.
  • The second method is using a durable two-part epoxy to secure the wheel stop to the surface. Our garage wheel stops are manufactured with a smooth base to ensure the epoxy bonds well with both surfaces. Since there is no drilling with this method, this can be used on surfaces that cannot handle the damage from drilling – like in parking garages.

Concrete Wheel Stop Solutions in California

All of our garage wheel stops are made from precast concrete, manufactured right here in our Southern California facilities. From beginning to end, we oversee and ensure quality control, testing, and oversight so our customers can feel confident they are receiving the most resilient precast concrete in the marketplace.

Come see why our customers rely on American Precast Inc., for virtually any project size and scope in Southern California.

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