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Concrete Parking Garage Stops

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Wheel Stops Improve Safety

Looking to secure an indoor parking garage? At American Precast we got you covered.

Navigating indoor parking lots can be difficult.

From maneuvering tight spaces to drivers operating large vehicles, such combinations often result in otherwise avoidable accidents. That is why garage parking stops are essential to maintaining safe parking garages. They keep drivers from straying from or over their parking spot.

American Precast, Inc., supplies durable, and cost-effective garage parking stops commonly known as parking stoppers designed to maximize protection and safety for both parked vehicles and surrounding structures. By helping drivers maneuver parking lots, our garage stops can also prevent damage to personal belongings and interior walls.

Trust APC for Your Parking Garage Stop Needs

Keep vehicles safely in place in your parking garage with high-quality concrete stops from APC. As the parking stop experts since 1978, we offer durable precast concrete stops engineered specifically for parking garage & parking lot applications.

Our concrete parking garage stops are made right here in the USA, built to last in the demanding environment of an enclosed parking lot structure. We use a proprietary technique to create an exceptionally sturdy stop that won’t crack or crumble under vehicle impact.

APC parking garage stops feature:

  • Customizable length, height and color
  • Beveled edges for easy tire movement
  • Built-in reflective tape for visibility
  • Solid interlocking design for protection & prevents shifting
  • Withstands weathering, chemicals and wear

We can create parking garage stops to your exact specifications. Our in-house engineering team will collaborate with you to meet your unique requirements.

Get peace of mind knowing your parking garage is outfitted with secure, dependable stops from the proven industry leader. APC parking garage stops keep vehicles, pedestrians and structures safe in commercial, municipal and residential parking facilities.

Contact APC today to discuss your project and get a quote for durable, custom parking garage stops built to last.

Concrete Parking Stops at American Precast Concrete Inc. Are:

  • High Quality
  • Long-Lasing
  • Durable
  • Cost-Efficient

Concrete Wheel Stop Solutions That Withstand Wear and Tear

For decades we have continued to use the same excellent engineering to produce high-quality concrete products for our customers. A garage parking stop from American Precast is, therefore, not only cost-efficient but is also built to last. All our concrete is cylinder tested to a minimum psi of 3000 at seven days and 4000 psi at 28 days.

Every wheel stop has tied steel rebar for reinforcement. We also install the rebar using our unique vibration settling technique to remove any voids in the concrete. This fortification means the garage parking stops can handle impacts from large vehicles without chipping or cracking.

At American Precast, We Offer Two Different Ways to Install Our Wheel Stops Depending on the Site Conditions:

  • The first is an installation using steel rebar pins drilled through the asphalt to secure the wheel stop or parking bumper. This option is best used in sites where drilling into the asphalt is not a concern.
  • The second installation method of garage parking stop is using a durable two-part epoxy to secure the wheel stop to the surface. Our garage parking blocks are manufactured with a smooth base to ensure the epoxy bonds well with both surfaces. Since there is no drilling with this method, this can be used on surfaces that cannot handle the damage from drilling – like in parking garages.

Concrete Wheel Stop Solutions in California

All of our garage parking wheel stops are made from precast concrete, manufactured right here in our Southern California facilities. From beginning to end, we oversee and ensure quality control, testing, and oversight so our customers can feel confident they are receiving the most resilient precast concrete parking wheel stop for their vehicles in the marketplace.

Come see why our customers rely on American Precast Inc., for virtually any project size and scope in Southern California.

Contact us at 800.691.7118 to learn more about our concrete products, or visit our website and fill out our garage parking stops estimate form. We will get back to you with a free custom estimate. Whatever your needs are, we can help!

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Wheel Stop Specifications

Here are some tips on determining the appropriate size for concrete parking garage stops:

  • Consider the types of vehicles using the garage. Larger vehicles like trucks and SUVs will require taller stops than small passenger cars.
  • Look at the width of the parking spaces. Wider spaces can accommodate longer parking stops. Standard parking spaces are usually 8.5-9 feet wide.
  • Account for overhang. Most vehicles will overhang the stop by 1-2 feet. Make sure to allow for this so the rear of the vehicle clears the stop.
  • Check any building codes or regulations for minimum stop size requirements. Many municipalities dictate a minimum 4-6 inch height.
  • Measure existing stops if replacing old ones. This will give you a good benchmark.
  • Allow room for drainage. Garage stops should have a gap underneath to allow water to drain.
  • Factor in speed control needs. Shorter stops are less jarring for low speeds (5 mph), while taller stops are more effective for 10+ mph.
  • Consult with APC. Our team can assess your garage and recommend the ideal concrete stop dimensions to safely manage vehicles and pedestrians.

The most common garage stop size is 4 feet long by 6 inches high. But APC can custom create stops to fit any garage requirements. Contact us today for help determining the perfect stop size for your facility.

Model Description Length Width Height Weight Reinforcements
CB04 Car Wheel Stop 4’ 4′ Feet 7.5″ Width 5.25″ Height 105 lbs Two #3 Rebar Tied, Two #5×10″ pins
CB06 Car Wheel Stop 6’ 6′ Feet 9″ Width 6.5″ Height 275 lbs Two #4 Rebar Tied, Two #5×10″ pins
CB08 Car Wheel Stop 8’ 8′ Feet 7.5″ Width 4″ Height 210 lbs Two #4 Rebar Tied, Two #5×10″ pins

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