Concrete Truck Wheel Stops and Parking Blocks

Concrete Truck Parking Stops

American Precast Concrete provides durable steel-reinforced, precision-precast concrete protection from automobiles, trucks, and heavy industrial vehicles. APC incorporates steel rebar tied and embedded in the unique vibration technique of setting the concrete in the mold and our concrete parking lot stop blocks for large truck are assured to be of maximum strength and smoothness.

Wheel Stops for Trucks

Concrete Wheel Stops for Trucks

While most drivers are familiar with pulling up to parking bumpers in parking lots, few people realize these do not properly function for trucks. Due to their larger size, and particularly the larger size of the wheels, concrete truck wheel stops are needed to ensure safety in parking lots. Our large concrete truck parking blocks are used in parking lot situations to ensure that the truck driver does not accidentally misjudge the parking distance and drive beyond the designated area. Drivers are particularly vulnerable while driving large vehicles in tight spaces. Such spaces often limit truck driver visibility, leading to accidents which are otherwise avoidable. Parking accidents are common, and these concrete truck parking bumpers or parking blocks are the perfect solution to these problems.

Our Industrial Sized Truck Wheel Stops come in 4 different sizes to fit the needs of our clients.

We can help you pick out exactly what type of concrete truck stop or parking bumper need for your parking lot. Don’t be shy and never hesitate to give us a call – we are more than happy to assist you with your concrete truck parking bumper purchase. Learn more about our truck stop products and services today.

Truck Parking Stop Blocks

A parking lot without truck parking blocks is hazardous to a vehicle, property, and people. Although seemingly simple items, precast concrete truck wheel stops can prevent a great deal of unnecessary expenses due to drivers not stopping accurately. Truck drivers can also purchase portable plastic truck chocks for use in emergency situations, including times a truck is parked in a precarious position and needs to avoid slipping. In cases such as these, the portable truck chock can be placed in front or behind the wheels to provide maximum safety to your large truck parking lot. Contact us to learn more about our vehicle parking bumper and other precast concrete products and services.

Truck Parking Blocks
Semi Truck In Front of Truck Stop Concrete Bumper

Truck Stops Specs

Model Description Length Width Height Weight Reinforcements
TB04 Truck Wheel Stop 4’ 4′ Feet 12″ Width 7.5″ Height 283 lbs Four #4 Rebar Tied, Two #8×20” pins Download
TB06 Truck Wheel Stop 6’ 6′ Feet 12″ Width 7.5″ Height 410 lbs Four #4 Rebar Tied, Two #8×20” pins Download
TB06x12 Truck Wheel Stop 6’ 6′ Feet 12″ Width 12″ Height 730 lbs Four #4 Rebar Tied, Two #8×20” pins Download
TB08 Truck Wheel Stop 8’ 8′ Feet 12″ Width 7.5″ Height 560 lbs Four #4 Rebar Tied, Two #8×20” pins Download
TB08x12 Truck Wheel Stop 8’ 8′ Feet 12″ Width 12″ Height 1000 lbs Four #4 Rebar Tied, Two #8×20” pins Download
TB08 10×15 Truck Wheel Stop 8′ 8′ Feet 15″ Width 10″ Height 1100 lbs Four #4 Rebar Tied, Four #8 x 20″ pins Download

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