Use Cases

APC Wheel Stops Use Cases

APC Wheel Stops act as barriers and prevent a vehicle from driving over or coasting beyond the designated parking slot onto sidewalks, accessible ramps, or adjacent stalls in case the driver fails to put on the hand or floor brakes on time. The main purpose of these barriers is to ensure safety for the vehicle, passing pedestrians, and the property itself.

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Car's tire touching precast concrete wheel stops

Shopping Mall Parking Lots

Enhance parking lot safety and organization with APC Wheel Stops. Our parking bumpers provide clear boundaries for parking spaces, preventing vehicle damage and optimizing parking capacity in shopping mall parking lots.

Retail Stores

Ensure a seamless parking experience for your customers with APC Wheel Stops. Our precast concrete parking bumpers help designate parking spaces, preventing parking congestion and offering convenience for shoppers visiting retail stores.

Hospitals/Medical Facilities

APC Wheel Stops is an ideal choice for hospitals and medical facilities. Our parking blocks serve various purposes, including:

  • Emergency Vehicle Access: Ensure clear access routes for emergency vehicles in medical facility parking lots, enabling swift response times during emergencies.
  • Patient Drop-Off/Pick-Up Areas: Create designated areas for patient drop-off and pick-up, ensuring convenience and accessibility for patients and visitors.
  • Staff Parking: Designate parking spaces for medical staff, optimizing parking capacity and ensuring convenient parking options.

Office Complexes

Organize and optimize parking in office complexes with APC Wheel Stops. Our parking bumpers help maintain parking discipline and prevent unauthorized parking, ensuring efficient use of available parking spaces.

Sports and Entertainment Venues

Make parking hassle-free for visitors to sports and entertainment venues with APC Wheel Stops. Our parking blocks provide clear boundaries and designated spaces, streamlining parking operations and enhancing the overall visitor experience.

Concrete parking wheel stops
Concrete parking stop blocks in a garage

Warehouses and Distribution Centers

APC Wheel stops offer numerous benefits for warehouses and distribution centers, including:

  • Loading Docks: Create clear boundaries for loading docks using APC parking blocks, facilitating efficient loading and unloading operations for trucks and delivery vehicles.
  • Employee Parking: Organize designated parking spaces for warehouse and distribution center employees, preventing parking congestion and maximizing parking capacity.
  • Forklift Safety Zones: Strategically place APC parking blocks to demarcate safe zones for forklift operation, minimizing the risk of accidents and promoting workplace safety.

Residential Communities

Improve parking management in residential communities with APC Wheel Stops. Our precast concrete parking bumpers help designate parking spaces for residents and guests, preventing unauthorized parking and ensuring a well-organized parking environment.

White car parked in an empty parking lot
Car tires touching parking wheel stops

Car Dealerships

Enhance the parking experience for customers visiting car dealerships with APC Wheel Stops. Our parking bumpers help designate parking spaces and prevent vehicle damage, ensuring a professional and organized appearance.


APC Wheel Stops provides concrete bumpers designed for a range of vehicles and projects. Our products ensure safety and stability, whether for cars, trucks, big rigs, or architectural designs.

Don’t wait. Equip your parking lot or project with our reliable and durable concrete stops.

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PWD sign in a parking space
Red car on a parking space with concrete parking bumpers

Car Stops Specs

Model Description Length Width Height Weight Reinforcements
CS3 Car Wheel Stop 3′ 3′ Feet 7.75″ Width 5.5″ Height 100 lbs Two #4 Rebar Tied, Two #5 x 10″ pins
CS4 Car Wheel Stop 4′ 4′ Feet 7.75″ Width 5.5″ Height 115 lbs Two #4 Rebar Tied, Two #5 x 10″ pins
CS6 Car Wheel Stop 6′ 6′ Feet 7.75″ Width 5.5″ Height 155 lbs Two #4 Rebar Tied, Two #5 x 10″ pins
CB06 Car Wheel Stop 6’ 6′ Feet 9″ Width 6.5″ Height 275 lbs Two #4 Rebar Tied, Two #5×10″ pins
CB08 Car Wheel Stop 8’ 8′ Feet 7.5″ Width 4″ Height 210 lbs Two #4 Rebar Tied, Two #5×10″ pins

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